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Refrigerator T205 van

The T205 is a refrigerated car for moving and transporting corrupt cargo. The car is designed on a T205 pickup platform and has the same technical specifications. The refrigerator has the ability to adjust below zero and above zero and therefore covers a wide range of businesses and consumers.

The refrigerated T205 van has a high performance for meat, poultry and fish suppliers as well as dairy distributors, and with a capacity of about 7 m 3, owners of these businesses will not need to buy large cars with traffic and parking restrictions.

The refrigerated T205 pickup truck, like the cargo type, is about 1,000 kilograms designed for use in cities, often with traffic problems and limited parking space, and is well-designed for its capabilities. The exterior and outline of the refrigerated T205 van is different with pickups in the country and attracts consumer attention. The aerodynamic design of the body reduces fuel consumption, and more efficient.

The main advantage of the T205 refrigerator is its load space. The car load compartment with length of 2 m and 70 and width of 1 m and 60 and height of 2 m, has created a space of about 7 m 3 for placing all types of loads, especially light weight loads. The refrigerator doors are open from both sides in the form of a double leaf and the floor is also without rear bumpers, and is completely flat designed to have a significant impact on the increase of the car’s original performance.

The spacious front of the cabin ensures the comfort and convenience of the driver and the passenger. In addition, a beautiful dashboard with two airbags, electric lift glasses, a rocker radio, 4-way adjustable seats, and interior trim such as paddles as well as air conditioner coolers provide a pleasant atmosphere for the driver and passenger.

The T205 is powered by a 1,300cc gasoline engine and Euro 5 emissions. With the use of Mitsubishi technology, Japan, in addition to its low fuel consumption (5.5 liters unloaded and 7.5 liters loaded), produces a power of 92 horsepower, which yields a much higher efficiency compared to the pickup truck in the country. it shows.

Comfort and safety equipment for the T205 pickup truck includes airbags for driver and occupant, anti-lock braking system, electric steering wheel (proportional to soft or firmness speed), three-point safety belt. Also, the 15-inch wheels with radial tire cargoes will cause less wear and tear and more precision when shifting and carrying loads.

This product will be available in the near future.


Technical Specifications

Engine volume (cc) 1342

Gearbox 5 gears

۴ cylinder

Tires 18565R15

Max speed 140Km / h

Maximum torque 115/3000

Standard equipment

Passengers is 2 people

ABS brakes

Air bag

Air conditioning

Electric steering

Steel rings

Technical Specifications

Engine volume
1342 cc
pollutionEuro 4
engine power93 hp
Engine model
Number of cylinders
Motor compression ratio
Engine power (kw (hp) / rpm)
69(93) / 5500
Maximum torque
Maximum speed (Km / h)
Distribution of load on the front axle
Distribution of load on the rear axle
Interior angle of the wheels (degrees)
Exterior Wheel Crank (Degree)
Minimum radius of circulation (m)
gearbox5 gears
Front axle
Faced with spring springs
Rear axle
Six-layer flat spring
Car length
Car width
Room level elevation to the ground
Axial distance
The length of the load room
The breadth of the room
Height of the loading room
Front / rear axle distance
Distance center of the front axle to the front of the chassis
Rear center center distance to the bottom of the chassis
The lowest distance from the car to the ground
Total Gross Weight GV.W
Net car weight
Load capacity
Number of occupants
2 number
Number of speakers
2 number
Steel rings
Ring cap
Set the driver's seat in 4 directions
Set the student's chair in 4 directions
Three-point safety belt
Steering lock
Anti-lock Brake System ABS and EBD
EBD Electric Brake Control System
Airbag - driver side
Airbag - Student Side
central lock
Glass electric hoist
Air conditioner (cooler)
Electric steering wheel system EPS
Danger triangle
Front fog lamp
Rear fog lamp
MP3 player system
USB port
Two-speed wiper
Rear bumper guard
Pause the paragraph
tools bag
Driver's Manual
Selective equipment
Sustainability control system
Electric Weight Brake Kit
Tire Pressure Indicator