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Van Cargo 206C

Van Cargo is similar to the passenger van, with the difference that it does not have a passenger seat and instead of a load space. The load part is separate from the driver’s and driver’s seats, and the wall is between the two sides. The load capacity is 6.5 cubic centimeters, which is accessible with a sliding door and a double-sided door on the rear.
The 1800cc high-power engine is powered by a gasoline engine. Fuel is 8 liters per 100 kilometers. It has the ability to install equipment according to the type of operation and is suitable for post offices, after-sales service companies, mobile stores, utility companies, food distribution, ambulances and so on. All of the amenities and safety for this car are predicted to be as follows:
Electric steering, EBD + ABS brake system, front passenger and front passenger airbag, air conditioning system, front electric front electric belt and safety belt


Technical Specifications

Engine volume (cc) 1342

Gearbox 5 gears

۴ cylinder

Tires 18565R15

Max speed 140Km / h

Maximum torque 115/3000

Standard equipment

Passengers is 2 people

Brake ABS + EBD

Air bag

Air conditioning

Electric steering

Steel rings

Technical Specifications

fuel type

StandardEURO V
L / W / H4022x1600x1878
Wheel spacing
(Mm) 2630
Tire size
165/70 R14 LT
Front / Rear Suspension
McPherson/Leaf spring
Ultimate acceleration
14 inch steel
Front window
Horizontal Horizontal
Body color
The exterior mirror
Body color, manual adjustment
Outer handles
Body color
Side doors
Has a window, protective gates
Partition (insulated wall)
Wall partition is completely enclosed
brake system
Two front pcs
Front light bulb
Manual setup
Headlight / fogger
back light
Hybrid fog lamp + rear light
Stop light
central lock

Remote control
Steering lock

Steering column
Manual setup
Interior mirror of the room
Internal safety grip
1 x
Great water tank
E-MARK parts
Seat belts, interior and exterior mirrors, glass, lamps, beads, tire
Electric windows
Electric Lighter
Internal light
Indicator light + Rear lights
MultimediaRadio, USB
speakernumber 2
Safety belt
Three point
the chairs
number 2
Driver's seat and driver assistance
Adjustable lift, head pad